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And the Oscar goes to…

The prototype of today's photography was the camera obscura. A simple dark box which delivered a laterally reversed, upside-down image. Its successor, the magic lantern (or lanterna magica), appeared in the 17th century. More than 150 years later, the phenakistoscope conveyed for the first time the impression of animated pictures. After further achievements in picture-taking techniques, it was in 1892 when Thomas A. Edison invented a motion picture camera—the Kinetograph. More picture-taking devices were developed in the course of the early 20th century, until today, where digital images are extensively used.

And the technological progress is inexorable: bigger, faster, cheaper – almost Olympic. Video productions upgraded to HD and beyond, computer network speeds increased tenfold to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and hard disk capacity is now specified in terabytes. One has to keep moving to avoid falling behind. After all, there's nothing more obsolete than yesterday's technology.

HELIOS video file server solutions for Mac and Windows environments employ the latest technology:  high-performance servers, 10 Gb Ethernet networks, and Mac and Windows network protocols. Uncompressed full HD video data can be edited, directly on the HELIOS server, by multiple Mac and Windows users. Thanks to the intelligent server software there are no delays. And online capacities up to several thousand TB are no problem, offering extreme reliability.

When will you upgrade to the new technology? Please contact one of our authorized HELIOS dealers for details.

HELIOS has presented our solutions at the Annual Technical Conference of SMPTE, the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers.