PDF HandShake G8 User manual (Version 6.0.0)  

2 An introduction to HELIOS PDF HandShake

PDF HandShake fully utilizes the benefits of PDF in existing production environments. Automated server-based PDF generation, PDF printing, PDF-native OPI, PDF-to-PDF color conversion, and batch tools are the striking features of this product.


HELIOS PDF HandShake runs on top of the foundation provided by HELIOS Base. Please read the HELIOS Base manual for installation instructions and other important details.

2.1 About PDF

The PDF file format allows storing illustrations, text, and images in one file. It supports several color spaces (e.g. RGB, CMYK or Lab), compression modes such as JPEG, JPEG 2000, JBIG2, ZIP, CCITT, and the font types PostScript and TrueType.

With PDF HandShake, PDF becomes a perfect exchange format. Logos, illustrations and complete documents can be provided as PDF and used for any workflow, depending on your individual requirements. The PDF files can be transformed into EPSF (HELIOS ImageServer required) and then placed in other documents or they can be printed directly or exported for imposition.

2.2 New PDF HandShake features

For new features in the PDF HandShake software see the HELIOS website:
www.helios.de Go to HELIOS Product Versions – New Features

For HELIOS Base, the foundation used by all HELIOS products, see the HELIOS Base product web page:
www.helios.de Go to Products > Base

2.3 Product description

PDF HandShake is fully integrated with EtherShare, PCShare, WebShare, and optionally with ImageServer.

PDF HandShake offers the following features:

PDF HandShake has built-in ICC based color management, co-developed by Heidelberg and HELIOS. For your convenience, we include in our software package a number of ICC profiles for different devices. Note that PDF HandShake recognizes embedded ICC profiles in PDF files and supports tagging-by-reference, where only a reference to the profile is embedded.

If you are using ImageServer as well, additional features become available for PDF files, e.g.:

Please note that OPI comments that are included in a PDF file (including nested OPI references) can be resolved by ImageServer.

HELIOS PrintPreview

PrintPreview offers powerful preview options for all HELIOS print jobs. For details refer to the PrintPreview manual, which is available on the “HELIOS Applications” volume, and on the HELIOS website.


The PDF HandShake product consists of:

Each of these modules supports a specific workflow. Together, they offer maximum flexibility when using the PDF file format.

2.4 Known limitations

The following non-printing related features are not supported in PDF HandShake:

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