HELIOS WebShare simplifies remote proofing, using mainstream inkjet printers

HELIOS WebShare remote proofing solution passes all 24 IPA RoundUP tests. Excellent remote proofs printed on mainstream inkjet printers without the need for a local RIP solution. 
Hannover, Germany – July 27, 2009 – The big news from the 2009 IPA Proofing RoundUP is that not only did the HELIOS WebShare proofing solution pass all 24 color proofing tests, but that it did so using a standard color inkjet printer. This is good news for those who wish to generate proofs to be viewed or printed at remote sites.
The IPA is the world's leading trade association representing creative, prepress, and print service providers. The IPA Proofing RoundUP results demonstrate that the WebShare proofing solution will deliver accurate color-matched proofs over the Internet to remote Mac or Windows users, without requiring a RIP solution at each proofing site. This validates the HELIOS objective of making remote proofing simpler and affordable in every environment.
“We see a need to make it easier for remote users, by letting the WebShare server handle the rendering and color-matching” notes Helmut Tschemernjak, President of HELIOS Software. He adds, “the best part is that since WebShare supports any printer, no additional RIP solution is needed at each site; a standard inkjet printer can be used with excellent results.”
For example, an ad agency or a printer that has HELIOS WebShare can simply have their local and remote staff and customers log into WebShare using a web browser, select the image or PDF to be proofed, and the desired proof ICC profile. The proof can then be viewed accurately color-matched to their monitor, or printed color-matched to their local proof printer. For the Proofing RoundUP, HELIOS used the Quato iColorDisplay and Quato iColorPrint profiling software to generate the ICC profiles for the monitor, and the printer / paper combination.
In addition to the remote print proofs generated, HELIOS WebShare was also used to demonstrate wide gamut monitor proofing. For this, HELIOS utilized the Quato  Intelli Proof 262 monitor, which offers a very large color gamut and precise color reproduction across the entire monitor area.
J.Raimar Kuhnen-Burger of QUATOGRAPHIC Technology GmbH explains, “when HELIOS Software requested a wide gamut proofing display to show off their web-based proofing solutions, we knew that the Quato Intelli Proof 262 would be a perfect match. Its extended wide gamut, the uniformity correction, and the integrated Ugra Display Analysis and Certification Tool (UDACT) are designed specifically for such requirements.”
For an overview as well as more detailed information about the HELIOS WebShare solution for remote proofing and the IPA test suite visit the HELIOS web site http://www.helios.com.

Learn how we did remote proofing on the 2009 IPA Proofing RoundUP in HELIOS Newsletter 3/2009.

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