New Features in HELIOS PCShare 3.1

64-bit file offset support

  • Windows NT, 2000, and XP clients can handle file sizes up to 8.3 million TB. The old 32-bit support allowed only files no larger than 2 GB 

Faster file server for XP and 2000 clients

  • Due to a new protocol version HELIOS has significantly optimized the server performance for many small read/write operations 

Changed file update in Windows Explorer (no F5 Key anymore)

  • PCShare 3.1 implements with its new SMB/CIFS protocol a notification support to inform Windows 2000 & XP clients about file changes done by other Windows, Mac and UNIX users. Within a few seconds the Windows Explorer and other applications will automatically update their list windows with the latest server content. 

Password security

  • The PCShare server and PCShare Admin now support password lengths up to 64 bytes 

Automatic printer driver installation on Windows clients

  • Support for specifying the Windows printer driver name for a PCShare spooler, via PCShare Admin or EtherShare Admin; Windows will automatically install the printer driver for a PCShare spooler. No need for users to select printer drivers anymore (if the printer driver is available on local disk) 

OpenFiles Tool

  • Displays all open files (devices, inodes, file names)
  • Displays all open modes (exclusive, shared, etc)
  • Displays all record locks, etc. 

Windows Domain Controller authentication ***

Use Windows networks with already existing user accounts from a Windows Domain Controller:
  • PCShare users will be validated against a Windows Domain Controller
  • Automatic User ID mapping to valid unique UNIX User ID per user
  • No UNIX user/group configuration required for PCShare
  • This all leads to a faster performance for Windows 2000/XP clients
  • UNIX home directories will be created automatically for each domain user 

Printing to Windows Desktop Printers

  • Now supports TCP/IP printing using host / DNS names or IP addresses, e.g.: 
EtherShare Admin “Printers” (Windows Printer) dialog
The *** marked features will be delivered later as an update after the new version is released.