New Features in HELIOS PCShare UB+

HELIOS Meta extension

Allows adding, editing and viewing comments and color labels of files on HELIOS volumes:
HELIOS Meta tab
HELIOS meta information such as file comments and color labels are cross-platform compatible, i.e. file meta information that is visible in the HELIOS Meta tab (see above) is also available from Mac OS 9/Mac OS X clients, and in WebShare.
File meta information is available cross-platform

Server file search

Fast HELIOS PCShare search (case-insensitive, several filter options). The search is performed via the desktop database, therefore search results are issued within seconds, even in very large volumes, where a conventional search can take hours …
HELIOS PCShare Search functionality

New Windows Vista client compatibility

PCShare UB+ now also supports Windows Vista clients.


The HELIOS DHCP server is now included in HELIOS Base UB+ (Details)

PCShare DOS service

PCShare UB+ features the new service “pcsdossrv”, which is meant for Windows 3.1 and DOS client compatibility. In earlier PCShare product versions these so-called “PCShare native” clients were serviced by “pcshare”.

CD024: New funtions

Fixed redundant PCShare network error messages on Solaris.