HELIOS develops advanced turnkey software solutions which work stably for decades. Our standard solutions are used world-wide at businesses of any scale.

There's only one way to innovate: The right way.

HELIOS Software was born in a flash of genius in the late 1980s. We have ambitiously pushed and successfully implemented the idea of developing software solutions which are used by thousands of business customers. The advantages are quite obvious: our clients get mature and stable products, in which we put our entire know-how and full concentration on the development and quality assurance. The result is that our software solutions are used worldwide by companies of any scale.

We have managed to make the potential of large server systems available to Mac and PC users, and, in doing so, have written the first chapter of our company history. In 1989, we introduced the prototype of the now classic EtherShare – the software that made the power of UNIX file and print servers available to Mac users.

We have continued to develop this idea because HELIOS products nowadays work on all major server systems. A worldwide network of distributors guarantees that our software is available and supported wherever it is needed.

»HELIOS develops today what I will need tomorrow«

Only the best technologies will survive in today's competitive market: powerful hardware and software products that meet the requirements of the future.

But how can we tell which company is going to stay a step ahead? The one with the most know-how, of course. At HELIOS we know how to identify those areas with the greatest potential and use this knowledge in our product development. That's how we produce innovative, future-proofed software solutions with exceptional ease of use.

»Software that keeps it cool«

The IT industry is always in flux. But HELIOS takes the long view. We concentrate on evolving our products and developing software that is noted for its stability and durability. HELIOS supported servers provide years of reliable and trouble-free operation – whether on a network with just a few nodes or in a complex environment comprising hundreds of clients.

Our customers in the prepress sector benefit from the high speeds at which ever increasing amounts of data are transferred, and from the high-quality output created by ICC color management. Another feature that's essential to good software is the ability to remain at the leading edge. Our software is continuously being improved and we regularly distribute new innovations to our customers via the online Software Update Service. This allows them to benefit from new features immediately as they become available instead of having to wait two years for the next major release.

»I get my job done – HELIOS does the rest«

Software is nothing more than a tool. And a tool must be well crafted and easy to handle in order to do a good job. So a software product that can only be used by experts is missing the mark. »Software should simplify everyday life, not complicate it.« This is the motto behind all HELIOS products.

Company Address

HELIOS Software GmbH
Steinriede 3
30827 Garbsen

Phone: +49 5131 70 93 20
Fax: +49 5131 70 93 25

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