HELIOS Tech Info #205

Tue, 5 Mar 2024

HELIOS G8 on Red Hat 9 Linux

HELIOS G8 supports Red Hat 9.3 Linux. All HELIOS G8 server solutions have been tested and are fully supported on Red Hat 9.3 Linux.

The optional Red Hat 9 Linux package "libnsl" (NIS APIs) must be installed via:
# yum install libnsl

By default, Red Hat 9 has a firewall enabled to block all incoming communication. The firewall must be configured to allow all HELIOS TCP ports. See the list of all HELIOS TCP ports:


It is also possible to disable the firewall for testing. Please check with your admin the firewall needs and permanent configuration. It is possible to stop the firewall via:
# service firewalld stop

HELIOS G8 already includes a Java runtime for its server services. A HELIOS Java runtime for Mac and Windows is available for installation (“HELIOS Applications” volume) to allow HELIOS Admin working.

Please make sure that all HELIOS G8 updates are installed.

We will update this Tech Info in case we have additional notes for Red Hat 9 environments.