Tech Info 198: Windows 11 22H2 SMB1 upgrade warning

HELIOS Tech Info #198

Thu, 22 Sep 2022

Windows 11 22H2 SMB1 upgrade warning

Customers should not upgrade to the new Windows 11 22H2 version when using HELIOS PCShare which supports SMB1 only. After enabling the SMB1 protocol for Windows 11 22H2 it does not work when copying files. It results in “end of file” error messages.

We have investigated the SMB1 protocol using Windows 11 22H2 and cannot find anything wrong. The protocol tracing shows exactly the same calls when using Windows 11 before 22H2. We will continue to investigate this.

The HELIOS PCShare SMB2/3 protocol implementation is in development but still not complete, therefore SMB1 is the only SMB protocol supported by HELIOS PCShare.

Our engineers continue to investigate these problems which takes more time. We will update the Tech Info after we have additional news on this.