New Features in HELIOS WebShare G8

WebShare web portal

  • General performance and compatibility enhancements
  • Slide show support, existing images or PDF files can be used for presentations
    • The slide show will display selected files/pages in full-screen mode. It can be controlled by arrow-keys and/or played automatically

  • WebShare Image Editor allows simple image editing for repurposing
    • Image output can be specified for web, office and prepress use, and for PDF and PDF hi-res
    • Image parameters such as resolution, height, and width can be specified
    • Images can be rotated, flipped and cropped

The WebShare image editor is targeted for end-users without local editing tools and without professional imaging skills. Just specify the output use (e.g. web) and download the image automatically in the appropriate format.

“Image Editor” requires HELIOS ImageServer.


HELIOS WebShare certificate management tool

The tool allows managing HTTP/SSL certificates and knows about the WebShare key store. It can convert existing keys into a format that is compatible with the WebShare key store. Also, it can list existing key information and create a certificate request (CSR) to be sent to a certificate authority (CA) for signing.