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HELIOS Create PDF Server on Mac OS X now supports Adobe Acrobat Distiller 8 & 9

Fast and reliable PostScript to PDF conversion based on industry standards. Create PDF Server runs native on Intel Macs and automates Acrobat Distiller via printer queues for Mac and Windows clients.
Hannover, Germany, September 16, 2009 – HELIOS Software GmbH announced that the latest HELIOS Create PDF Server on Mac now supports Adobe Acrobat Distiller versions 8 & 9 on Mac OS X. HELIOS Create PDF Server – part of HELIOS PDF HandShake UB+ – now supports the same Acrobat Distiller versions for both Mac and Windows. The optimized Create PDF Server implementation effectively utilizes today's Intel Macs. HELIOS Create PDF Server makes it easy for network users to generate PDFs from any application, with the assurance that the PDFs are compliant with company and industry standards.

“Server-automated PDF generation via PDF HandShake has been essential to user productivity for years”, reports Tom Hallinan, Strategic Partner Manager of HELIOS Software GmbH. According to Hallinan, “Create PDF Server is the fastest and most automated PostScript to PDF solution available. Additional Acrobat compatible PDF preflight, hot folder processing and optional PDF preview generation allow highly automated workflows.”

Highlights of HELIOS Create PDF Server include:

  • Usage of industry standard Acrobat Distiller – server automated
  • Server-based printer queue access for Mac and Windows clients
  • Flexible Distiller job and security settings configured per print server queue
  • Additional hot folder support for PostScript and EPS to PDF conversion
  • Notification feature to trigger post processing of generated PDFs
  • Per-user folders for generated PDFs
  • Additional PDF preflight included with industry standard pdfInspektor
  • Fail safety and extremely high throughput due to load balancing and clustering

The new Create PDF Server has been released as a HELIOS PDF HandShake UB+ update. Customers with a HELIOS service agreement can download the update (u0832) from the HELIOS web site. Additional information about HELIOS PDF HandShake UB+ and other applications of the HELIOS Server Solution Suite is available at the HELIOS website

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