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HELIOS UB+ integrates with Mac OS X Time Machine

HELIOS EtherShare UB+ AFP file server volumes to be used as Mac OS X Time Machine backup devices. Easy setup, backup and restore can be managed by Mac users. Now every Mac environment can automatically backup its Leopard and Snow Leopard Mac workstations to a central HELIOS server.
Hannover, Germany, September 09, 2009 – HELIOS Software GmbH has integrated support for Mac OS X Time Machine into HELIOS EtherShare UB+. HELIOS AFP volumes can now be used as backup disks for “Time Machine” backups from any Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 client. Faster computers, more sophisticated applications and larger built-in disks lead users to save even mission critical data on their Mac clients only. Mobile users have additional risks of losing their data, but mostly do not backup their MacBooks at all. HELIOS EtherShare UB+ in combination with the Mac OS X built-in Time Machine is the perfect solution to overcome these problems.

This new HELIOS UB+ feature automates backups without any need of user interaction. Backed up data is accessible from anywhere within the local network and can be restored easily from any Mac client. Enabling HELIOS EtherShare support for “Time Machine Backup” takes less than a minute and requires no additional software installation. After the initial setup “Time Machine” remembers the user name/password and automatically creates a hidden AFP connection when the backup schedule is active. Backups for each workstation are saved on the server as a bundle directory containing HFS disk images. Even the restoration of a crashed Mac or the transfer of a saved system to a new Mac is supported with the Mac “Migration Assistant”.

Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO of HELIOS Software, emphasizes “The key point is that Time Machine is built into Mac OS X. It is very easy to use and many Mac users are used to it doing backups to USB disks. Now entire Mac networks can do the same Time Machine backups to a central HELIOS server volume.”

The main advantages of the HELIOS server support for Time Machine backups are:

  • Automatic hourly, daily and weekly backups with zero configuration
  • Easy restore by users using the “Time Machine” Finder interface
  • Optimized automated backups of mobile MacBooks (Time Machine keeps track of any files changed since the last backup)
  • Mac backups are stored as HFS disk images on the server (no trouble with millions of files)
  • No client software installation required
  • Excellent backup performance
  • Easy and fast Mac disaster recovery
  • Central client backup repository, which in turn is backed up as part of the server backup plan

The new HELIOS support for Time Machine backups has been released as a HELIOS EtherShare UB+ update. It is free of charge for all customers with current software update agreements.

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