ImageServer G8 User manual (Version 6.0.0)  

8 HELIOS Tool Server

HELIOS Tool Server allows integrating remote applications to be used by a main server. Certain applications and technologies are only available on a special platform. Instead of reinventing these required applications and technologies, Tool Server makes them remotely available on any major server platform. Tool Server provides the platform and already includes several useful tools – additional tools can be added by the user. HELIOS provided tools and samples are installed in minutes.

The main goal is to make remote applications easy to use, therefore HELIOS Tool Server comes with a dedicated license-free installation which installs on any major platform, i.e. Mac/Windows. The “toolclient” application detects all servers automatically by using mDNS (“Bonjour”) and choosing the server that offers the required service and provides best computing performance. Automatic job load balancing, file transfers, processing, auditing, and error handling makes it quite easy.

See the HELIOS Tool Server online user manual at:

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