ImageServer G8 User manual (Version 6.0.0)  

F Notes for PCShare users

If Create Layouts is active in a specific volume, ImageServer will create layouts of all image files, regardless of whether they come from a Mac or PC client. It generates layout files always according to the PC Layouts checkbox in the HELIOS Admin Volume settings. Thus, if you want to have PC-compatible layouts of all images (e.g. for working in a volume shared with PCShare) – even if they are coming from a Mac – you have to activate the PC Layouts option for this specific volume (see PC Layouts in 4.2 “Volume settings”).

UTF-8 support

PCShare support includes UTF-8 volume character sets, long file names, and file locking. ImageServer does not make any precautions for sticking to the 8dot3 file name syntax when creating layout files, etc. Files with long file names will not be seen anymore by older PCShare clients.


“opisrv” does not automatically create a layout image if a PCShare-based file is renamed and the new file name does not end with one of the known image file suffixes!

“Close option” flag

If you want to use image files cross-platform and share volumes between Mac and Windows clients, we recommend to set the Close option flag in the HELIOS Admin Volumes dialog. The Close option guarantees that PCShare always closes a file completely to allow a Mac client to operate on consistent data.

OPI printing to Windows PostScript printers (via SMB/CIFS)

The advantage of the HELIOS “Windows Printer” support is that the OPI server will do the OPI processing on-the-fly during output, e.g.:

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