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A About OPI settings, typical workflows, and conflicts

In the following, we give a few examples of how to combine OPI settings and application specific print options when aiming at a particular workflow. Fig. A.1 illustrates a typical situation when working and making use of all advantages offered by ImageServer:

Workflow 1
A typical workflow when using ImageServer

Fig. A.1: A typical workflow when using ImageServer

Workflow 2

If you have pre-separated images and want to print them “as is” without applying color matching, you can do that without changing a lot of parameters. The only thing you have to do is set the Default Printer Profile to None on your printer queue (Step F in Fig. A.1).

Workflow 3

If you want to carry your documents to a third-party company for test printouts, it might be difficult when using a slow Internet connection. In that case, you may provide the company with the document files and the layout images only and then let them use the Print Layout Images option (Step B in Fig. A.1). You can even ask them to color match the images on the printouts; for that purpose, however, you have to make sure that all the layouts have a source profile.

Example of possible conflicts

The moment you add high-resolution originals to your document (Step A in Fig. A.1), you have to change some settings for printing. You may either use the Include Images option (Step C) or switch the Replace Images option to All (Step D). Replace All must be selected if you want OPI to apply color matching to all your images. If you do not induce the replacement of your high-resolution originals, they will not be color matched.

The image that is finally included in the print job has to have a tagged source profile if you want to achieve high-quality color results (Step E in Fig. A.1). If you print layouts (Step B), you have to make sure that these layouts have a source profile, too. Layouts are not always tagged with a source profile during layout generation and they do not automatically inherit the profile of the original image. OPI will display a warning if image profiles are missing.


For problems that arise even though you have chosen your OPI settings properly, you may refer to 2.3 “Known limitations”.

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