ImageServer G8 User manual (Version 6.0.0)  

1 About the chapters of this manual

In the following, we give a brief summary of each chapter of this manual. This summary is meant to help you find the information you are looking for.

Chapter 2 “An introduction to HELIOS ImageServer” gives background information. For readers who have little practical experience with the functionalities provided by ImageServer, it discusses basic concepts.

Good to know

Chapter 3 “Before getting started” provides background information about image file formats, color modes, image modifications, and printer characteristics. The explanations may be very useful for you, because they reveal how the settings you choose may influence your workflow. The chapter also describes how ImageServer behaves in specific situations.

How to administer the ImageServer settings

Chapter 4 “Set up ImageServer with HELIOS Admin” gives directions for the basic ImageServer configuration as well as the specific settings for each volume and printer queue.

How to use the ImageServer software

Chapter 5 “Using ImageServer” describes different utilities you may use to tune your layout files for specific purposes. The chapter then gives instructions on how to place layouts in a layout document and on how to set up the printer options in different OPI-compatible applications. This chapter is meant for those who simply want to use ImageServer and do not care about the programming or the administration of the program.

ImageServer utility programs and preferences

Chapter 6 “ImageServer utility programs” describes the programs of which ImageServer is composed, and describes in detail how to change options and attributes of these programs manually.

Chapter 7 “HELIOS Script Server” describes how to define hot folders in order to automate processing tasks. Users can then e.g. simply drop files into a specific folder which are then processed by a custom conversion script.

Chapter 8 “HELIOS Tool Server” allows integrating remote applications/tools to be used by a main server.

Chapter 9 “Preferences and notification features” lists the preferences of ImageServer and OPI-related printer queues. Additionally, OPI event notification features are covered in this section.

How to find help

Chapter 10 “Troubleshooting” describes specific settings or parameter conflicts that may lead to unexpected results, and explains how to avoid errors in particular situations.

Chapter 11 “Technical support” gives advice on how to set up a complete error description. Such a description is indispensable if you want to report a particular problem – which you cannot solve by using the documentation – to your dealer or to the HELIOS support department.

Additional information

Appendix A “About OPI settings, typical workflows, and conflicts” gives examples that illustrate how different OPI settings cooperate or how they may influence one another.

Appendix B “Colors, color matching, proof printing – basic concepts” gives background information about color management.

Appendix C “ImageServer and color space” describes how to preserve the original color space in a composite printing environment, and how the RGB-to-Hexachrome color space conversion workflow can be set up. In addition, based on the cooperation between HELIOS ImageServer and HELIOS PrintPreview, the spot color editor is described.

Appendix D “Raster image transparency” lists the categories of image documents with transparency and describes the several techniques of transparencies in raster images and their support in ImageServer.

Appendix E “Raster PDF format” introduces the HELIOS raster PDF and Adobe Photoshop PDF file formats and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. In the following the creation and use of the HELIOS raster PDF format is described.

Appendix F “Notes for PCShare users” explains the settings that are necessary if you want to use the ImageServer features from a PCShare client on a Windows PC.

Appendix G “Glossary” explains some product-related terminology.

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