WebShare G8 User manual (Version 5.0.0)  

C Technical notes

C.1 WebShare log file structure

“HELIOSDIR/var/adm/webshare.acct” (with the appendices “.0”, yesterday, to “.6”, seven days ago) provides details for several WebShare actions.

The messages have the following format (from left to right):

date user ip action sharepoint path entry target user-agent result details

date: Date and time in seconds since 1-1-1970 (UNIX “time_t” values)

user: Name of the logged-in user. The number of user logins per day is stated in parentheses. If a user has logged-in from HELIOS Admin, this is stated in the form <user>(heladmin)

ip: IP address of the logged-in client

action: Action that is taken, e.g. login, preview, addShare

sharepoint: Sharepoint where the action is taken

path: Path to file within the sharepoint

entry: File name in download, upload, getFile and preview action

target: File size in download, upload, findFile, getFile action, and used options in case of preview action

user-agent: In case of a login action, browser information (OS, browser, platform) is listed

result: Result 0 for success, 666 for failed login

details: File information in download and upload action

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