WebShare G8 User manual (Version 5.0.0)  

2 An introduction to HELIOS WebShare

HELIOS WebShare is a high-performance server, which enables fast and secure real time file access via any web browser. Authorized users, wherever they are, can easily use the file server without exposing it to the internet.

Remote collaboration

Remote collaboration becomes a reality with the fully automated two-way access to the server data. File browsing and management allow authorized users to manage files and folders remotely, similar to the local Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. It offers remote document previews of all major image formats. Remote OPI allows web clients to download OPI low-resolution images from the server and to upload completed documents for later printing with high-resolution images. Remote print job proofing is easy as well. Verification/proof of QuarkXPress, InDesign and PDF documents is also possible (see 2.3 “Integration with other HELIOS products”).


Security is provided by a two-tier server application, comprised of the WebShare Web Server and the WebShare File Server. The WebShare Web Server handles the web user interface on a separate server to ensure that the main WebShare File Server is not available on the internet. The server file system security is enforced according to each user’s credentials. Sharepoint based security allows further restrictions per user, e.g. browse, preview, download, upload and file management. Additional SSL encryption is supported.

Highest performance

Due to zipstream (unzipstream) on-the-fly compression (uncompression), HELIOS WebShare provides very fast performance, optimizing use of the internet bandwidth.


HELIOS WebShare runs on top of the foundation provided by HELIOS Base. Please read the HELIOS Base manual for installation instructions and other important details.

2.1 New WebShare features

For new features in the WebShare software see the HELIOS website:
www.helios.de Go to HELIOS Product Versions – New Features

For HELIOS Base, the foundation used by all HELIOS products, see the HELIOS Base product web page:
www.helios.de Go to Products > Base

2.2 Client file transfer and syncing applications included with WebShare

2.2.1 WebShare Manager

The HELIOS WebShare Manager client tool allows synchronizing files and folders between a WebShare server and remote workstations over the Internet, using any standard web browser.

HELIOS WebShare Manager user manual:
www.helios.de Go to Support > Media > HELIOS user manuals

2.2.2 Document Hub

HELIOS Document Hub allows access to intranet file server volumes to present and use server documents online and offline while a built-in file synchronization ensures that server files are automatically updated on mobile devices.

See also 9 “HELIOS Document Hub”.

2.3 Integration with other HELIOS products

WebShare is part of an integrated product suite that enables the enhancement capabilities by adding additional HELIOS products.

Files on the WebShare File Server are stored in the HELIOS resource format as used by EtherShare and PCShare. This preserves special file properties, such as Mac resource forks or Windows file streams. If the WebShare sharepoint is the same as or overlaps an EtherShare or PCShare volume, then custom Mac icons are preserved as well.

If the WebShare File Server is installed on a Windows platform, and the defined sharepoint is in an NTFS partition, the files will be saved to disk in the SFM (Services for Macintosh) compatible format.

In case the WebShare File Server is running on OS X – without EtherShare or PCShare being installed – and the defined sharepoint is in an HFS partition, the files will be saved to disk in the native Mac OS format. In that case, file management (duplicate, copy/paste, rename) on OS X utilizes the native OS commands (“cp”, “mv”), which may not preserve the resource fork of Mac files. Custom Mac icons are always preserved on OS X.

HELIOS Base (included with all HELIOS products) includes the “dt tools” for file management. These utilities properly handle Mac resource forks and Windows file streams during file management, to preserve file type and creator information, file streams, etc. In addition, WebShare sharepoints that are the same as or overlap EtherShare and PCShare volumes will use the “dt tools” to update the desktop database for the HELIOS volume, providing support for Mac custom icons, and full compatibility for WebShare users and EtherShare/PCShare users.

EtherShare and PCShare are fully compatible with WebShare and add advanced file and print servers for Mac and Windows clients, respectively.

HELIOS ImageServer, for server-based OPI, image conversion, workflow automation, and color management, extends the WebShare preview capabilities to InDesign and QuarkXPress documents. WebShare together with ImageServer also enables remote workflow support via hot folders and custom actions.

HELIOS PDF HandShake and ImageServer enable remote PDF-native OPI on WebShare.

HELIOS PrintPreview adds support for remote proofing, annotations, and printing as well as remote separation proofing and color-matched composite previews, which can be remotely viewed or transferred via WebShare.

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