WebShare G8 User manual (Version 5.0.0)  

1 About the chapters of this manual

In the following, we give a brief summary of each chapter of this manual. This summary is meant to help you find the information you are looking for.

Chapter 2 “An introduction to HELIOS WebShare” gives background information about the idea of WebShare in general, and the components that make it up.

Software installation on the server

Chapter 3 “Installation” describes the different means of connecting the WebShare Web Server and the WebShare File Server. In addition, the chapter covers the installation of the two-tier server system, including the prerequisites and the final verification of the installation.

WebShare – Administration and use

Chapter 4 “Administration” describes how to administer the WebShare File Server, including server preferences, WebShare Quickshares, users, sharepoints, and accounting (which lists all user actions). The Branding Editor, and WebShare statistics (information on the WebShare Web Server, Java, users, and the license) are discussed as well. The HELIOS Icon Collector, URL Share Access, and the related catalog presentation are also covered in this chapter.

Chapter 5 “HELIOS Admin” briefly shows how to manage WebShare related tasks such as configuring WebShare users and sharepoints with the HELIOS administration program.

Chapter 6 “Using WebShare” provides step-by-step user instructions for working with WebShare, including file management, WebShare Quickshares, previews and proofs of images and documents, personal user settings, file format and browser information.

Description of the WebShare server modules

Chapter 7 “WebShare Web Server” gives a listing of installed files. This is followed by a brief guide about WebShare Web Server localization and customization tasks. WebShare Web Server preference keys are described at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 8 “WebShare File Server” is a reference for the WebShare administrator. Utilities and (customizable) scripts and their function are explained as well as configuration files, preferences and accounting files. In addition, their function and effects on the WebShare File Server are described.

Chapter 9 “HELIOS Document Hub”
HELIOS Document Hub allows access to intranet file server volumes to present and use server documents online and offline while a built-in file synchronization ensures that server files are automatically updated on mobile devices.

Chapter 10 “WebShare security” gives background information about server port security issues in general, and also about JavaScript security in the WebShare Web Server. This chapter also addresses how to control access to the WebShare File Server.

Additional information

Appendix A “Special characters in file names” provides information on the use of special characters in file and folder names and their behavior during upload/download processes.

Appendix B “WOStarter – Web service health check” The HELIOS Service Controller can use this plug-in to start/stop and monitor the WebShare Web Server (“websharewoa”).

Appendix C “Technical notes” describes the structure of the WebShare log files (which can be inspected in the HELIOS Admin Lists menu).

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