HELIOS Base UB64 User manual (Version 4.0.0)  

9 The HELIOS Admin server

9.1 General remarks

In conjunction with the HELIOS Admin client application, the HELIOS Admin server allows the HELIOS system to be configured from any workstation in the network in a secure and convenient way.

The HELIOS Admin server system consists of the program “heladmsrv”. It is created in the “HELIOSDIR/sbin” directory during the installation. The HELIOS services are configured to start “heladmsrv” automatically when the server is booted.

9.2 The HELIOS Admin server program

This component provides the service, which is needed by the HELIOS Admin client application in order to administer the server. Both applications communicate via the HTTP protocol with each other.


As soon as the HELIOS system is started, a “heladmsrv” master process is running. For each HELIOS Admin client login, the master spawns a child process. This child process fulfills all tasks the client wants to be performed.

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