PCShare G8 User manual (Version 7.0.0)  

B Technical notes

The following section contains miscellaneous technical information about PCShare. It is primarily of interest to experienced system administrators only.

B.1 PCShare 2.5 compatibility

The tar archive “HELIOSDIR/​etc/​pcscompat/​pcapps25.tgz” contains the PCShare 2.5 client compatibility files that are needed for connecting PCShare MS-DOS and Windows 3.x clients. If you need PCShare 2.5 client compatibility, execute the following commands as “root ”:

# cd /usr/local/helios
# bin/stop-helios now 
# gunzip < etc/pcscompat/pcapps25.tgz | tar xvf - 
# bin/prefrestore etc/pcscompat/pcsdossrv.prefs 
# bin/start-helios -i 

All files will be extracted into the “HELIOSDIR/​public” folder.


All DOS/Windows PCShare clients require a valid static or DHCP client TCP/IP configuration.
The automatic PCShare 2.5 TCP/IP assignment for DOS/Windows 3.x clients is not supported anymore.

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