PCShare G8 User manual (Version 7.0.0)  

5 Print to a HELIOS print queue from a Windows network client

In general, it is advised to use the printer driver, e.g. PostScript driver, that fits the printer model best.

In case of communication or output problems (the print job does not reach the print server, the output is distorted, or a PostSript error is issued) you should use a generic driver. For PostScript printers, you can use the Microsoft PostScript Printer Driver »


On your Windows client, go to the device and printer settings and open the “Add Printer" dialog.


Select to add a network printer.


Select the desired network printer and confirm the No driver found warning with OK.


In the “Manufacturer” list select Generic, and from the “Printers” list MS Publisher Imagesetter.

The printer has now been successfully installed.


Confirm your selection, print a test page and finish the installation process.

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