PCShare G8 User manual (Version 7.0.0)  

1 About the chapters of this manual

In the following, we give a brief summary of each chapter in this manual. These summaries will help you find the information you are looking for.

Chapter 2 “An introduction to HELIOS PCShare” gives background information about the components that make up PCShare.

Chapter 3 “HELIOS Admin” briefly shows how to manage PCShare related tasks such as configuring SMB volume settings, etc. with the HELIOS administration program.

Description of the server software modules

Chapter 4 “PCShare SMB file and print services” describes the function, the configuration, and the operation of the file server. It presents the HELIOS PCShare Client Tools and explains how the administrator can define access privileges for PCShare Windows users. In addition, it gives information about WINS, WINS Proxy, and Browsing.

Chapter 6 “Client tools” presents the HELIOS PCShare Client Tools and also HELIOS LanTest.

Chapter 7 “Preferences” lists the most important preferences of PCShare and explains what they effect when set.

Additional information

Appendix A “Connect Windows clients to the PCShare server” gives instructions on how to set up the IP configuration settings between Windows clients and PCShare.

Appendix B “Technical notes” contains additional technical information that addresses experienced UNIX users.

Appendix C “Glossary” explains some product related terminology.

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