Virtual Server Appliance User manual (Version 3.0.0)  

2 An introduction to Virtual Server Appliance

HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance, or short VSA, is a turnkey file server appliance which is deployed in virtual machine environments. It is ready to serve Mac, Windows, and Web clients using the HELIOS file server solutions.

The benefits of the Virtual Server Appliance are:

The system allows adding and removing disks on-the-fly, and file system resizing is also fully supported, all without any service interrupt.

2.1 About licenses

2.1.1 Linux (Debian)

The Linux operating system of the HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance is based on the Debian Linux distribution. HELIOS does not charge anything for the Linux runtime it delivers. Linux is based on free licenses, mostly GPL (General Public License). HELIOS cannot give any warranty on the performance and reliability of the Linux runtime, nor it is liable for any damages, losses or costs deploying the Linux freely distributed runtime.

2.1.2 HELIOS Configuration Assistant

HELIOS Configuration Assistant belongs to the HELIOS Base product and therefore requires a licensed HELIOS product.

2.1.3 HELIOS

All HELIOS products are subject to the HELIOS license terms (“license.txt”) which are included in the HELIOS product installation media when a HELIOS product is purchased. A one-time 30 day test drive period is permitted for the HELIOS products pre-installed and configured in the Virtual Server Appliance.

2.2 New features in the Virtual Server Appliance

HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 3.0 comes with two new striking features:

For HELIOS Base, the foundation used by all HELIOS products, see the HELIOS Base product web page: Go to Products > Base

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