Virtual Server Appliance User manual (Version 3.0.0)  

1 About the chapters of this manual

In the following, we give a brief summary of each chapter in this manual. These summaries will help you find the information you are looking for.

Chapter 2 “An introduction to Virtual Server Appliance” gives background information about the product.

Chapter 3 “Activate the VSA” describes how to import the appliance into the VM solutions VMware ESX Server or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Chapter 4 “Configuration Assistant” introduces Configuration Assistant and describes in detail all available settings of the virtual appliance.

Chapter 5 “Install additional HELIOS products” describes the steps to install additional HELIOS products to the Virtual Server Appliance.

Chapter 6 “Linux Runtime” explains the components of the HELIOS Virtual Server Linux runtime and describes how to start the appliance in single-user mode.

Chapter 7 “Volume Management” describes the volume management with LVM2 and explains the concept of physical volumes, volume groups, and logical volumes. In addition, we show you how to create file system snapshots in a running system.

Additional information

Appendix A “System and data disk migration” describes how to migrate from HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 1.0/​2.0 to a Virtual Server Appliance 3.0.

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