HELIOS Base User manual

11 Uninstalling the HELIOS software
11.1 Removing the software
To uninstall HELIOS software products from the server do the following:
Place the CD-ROM in the CD drive of your UNIX computer and enter the mount and install commands which may be different for different UNIX systems. The correct commands for your specific computer are stated in the booklet we have enclosed with our CD-ROM.
Example (IBM/RS 6000 computer under AIX 4):
mount -r -v cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom
cd /cdrom
sh installer

As soon as you have entered the last command, the "HELIOS Installer" will appear (Fig. 32). To uninstall the HELIOS software select Remove HELIOS Products from the main menu and press RETURN.
Removing the software directly from the server
There is also an alternative option to remove all software products from the server, e.g. if the HELIOS CD-ROM is not available:
cd /usr/local/helios
sbin/uninstall base

Warning: This command on the command line will remove all installed HELIOS products from the server!

Fig. 32: The HELIOS Installer main menu

Remove HELIOS products from the server
The Removable Products section shows all HELIOS software products which can be removed from the server (see Fig. 33).
The following example shows an uninstallation procedure where PCShare is about to be removed.
Fig. 33: The Remove HELIOS Products menu

-> In the Removable Products section highlight the product you want to remove and press the space bar, so it becomes marked (see Fig. 33). To deselect one (or more) item in the list, press the space bar again.
The example in Fig. 33 shows that Base (with Base Data) and EtherShare are supposed to remain on the server, and PCShare is about to be removed.

Important: Starting the uninstallation will stop all HELIOS services running on the server. Therefore, please make sure all HELIOS users are logged-out before you install new products. To verify the HELIOS user status you can use 6.5 "swho".

-> After you have marked all products that you want to remove confirm with Ok.
The Installation ... completed window shows the status of the installation (Fig. 34)
Fig. 34: The Done removing window

-> Leave the installation menu with Esc or Ctrl-X (see also 4.1.4 "Navigating through the HELIOS Installer") to get back to the main menu.

Note: Uninstalling the HELIOS software, or parts of the software, will not remove any configuration files nor volume or spool directories. This allows to install the software again using all existing configuration data.

To remove all HELIOS files after the software removal do the following:

1. cd /usr/local
rm -rf helios

2. Then remove all HELIOS spool directories.
3. Remove all user volumes.

11.2 Removing the software (Mac OS X)
To uninstall HELIOS software products from a Mac OS X platform, do the following:
The Introduction dialog (Fig. 35) gives an overview of the installed HELIOS products and their main features.
Make sure that the Please select: pop-up menu shows the entry Deinstallation, and click Continue to proceed.
Fig. 35: The HELIOS Installer Introduction window

Fig. 36: Remove HELIOS Products menu

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