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HELIOS Newsletter 9/2012
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Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO & President
World of HELIOS: See you at Google+
The HELIOS Newsletter comes about once a month. In between, on Google+, we discuss technologies, ideas and news about IT, networks and HELIOS. This is a great opportunity for everyone because it allows us to have comments and discussions around each posting. Here are some of my latest articles on G+:
  • Mac OS X 10.8.2 is available – NIS problem fixed
  • Virtual Server Appliance – Snapshots
  • WireShark Network Tracing – First Steps
  • MacBook Pro Retina – my first impression
  • Nexus 7 – no exclusive Pad achievement for Apple
I believe everyone will find some interesting articles on my G+ page. It is highly recommended to set up your own Google+ account which allows you to add me into your circle to join discussions or just to do a +1 if you agree on something.

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Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH

Remote soft proofing
Remote proofing allows image and document reviewing, proofing, and approvals within a Web browser. The HELIOS WebShare/PrintPreview soft proofing system is Fogra certified. The latest UB2 version adds an hierarchical annotation system for multi-user reviewing. Upcoming WebShare updates will offer greater speed and fine-tuned features.

Additional information for remote soft proofing:
iPad Document Hub
HELIOS iPad Document Hub allows access to intranet file server volumes to present and use server documents online and offline. Built-in file synchronization ensures that server files are automatically updated on mobile devices. Enterprise file server security is enforced for online and offline use. The solution is perfect for multi-user business environments of any scale. We are in the final stages of finishing the iPad Document Hub. It will support iOS 5 and 6. Also, the latest Apple iWork apps now allow forwarding documents to the Document Hub. Watch for our upcoming newsletters and announcements.

The iPad Document Hub solution source code will also be available to customers, to develop their own apps, allowing them to utilize HELIOS tools, technologies, and code to rapidly deploy their own custom apps.

Additional information for the iPad Document Hub:
Spotlight search
Finding files on large file server volumes should be fast and easy. Reality is different – a file system search of a large storage system can easily take hours. A HELIOS UB2 Spotlight search though, returns search results in seconds. This Apple Spotlight compatible search technology enables Mac, Windows, and Web users to quickly find server files, based upon file name, metadata, or text content.

Full-text searches of PDF files, Office documents, Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress preview files, and text files are fully supported. Even searches based upon image attributes, XMP metadata of images, WebShare annotation information and PDF form fields can be performed.

We are very actively adding even more Spotlight Search indexing capabilities, and we are working on InDesign XMP and PDF XMP meta data indexing support, including custom user-defined fields.

Additional information for the Spotlight search:

Virtual Server Appliance
Server virtualization is the technology that enables one or more “virtual machines” (VMs) to run on a single physical server host. There are many advantages to using VMs, including easier maintenance, failover support, and greater security. HELIOS UB2 server solutions running within a VM are flexible, highly available, and easy to transfer, enabling server consolidation, energy savings, and isolation of services.

The upcoming HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance makes it easy to get these benefits. In addition, file system snapshots are a significant new feature that will also be included. Beta testing is well underway, contact your HELIOS partner to participate. The new manual, which is now available, provides more details and makes deployment of the Virtual Server Appliance very straightforward.

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