1. World of HELIOS: Microsoft buys Skype
2. HELIOS UB2 Spotlight searches with Office documents
3. Meet with HELIOS at Expográfica 2011 in Mexico City
4. HELIOS UB2 public preview2 version is available
HELIOS Newsletter 4/2011
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1. World of HELIOS: Microsoft buys Skype
8.5 billion USD to purchase Skype, makes this the biggest acquisition for Microsoft so far. Skype is not making any money, but serves 145 million users per month, which means each user is worth 58 USD for Microsoft. For me, this makes no sense. It reminds me of the dotcom bubble a decade ago where companies were excessively valued.

What will be the next step? Perhaps Microsoft will take over Nokia to plug Skype, Nokia, and Windows Phone OS together.

You are welcome to share your opinion on this, use the feedback link at the end.

2. HELIOS UB2 Spotlight searches with Office documents
We have great news for everyone using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, or even OpenOffice documents. The new HELIOS UB2 preview2 supports full-text and metadata searches of Office documents. This completes the new HELIOS UB2 Index Server, allowing easy to use Spotlight searches from Mac, Windows, and Web clients. The following list describes which file formats are indexed:

Format Index
Files and folders All file and folder names including dates
Comments Mac, Windows, and WebShare file and folder comments
Images All major image formats (color space, resolution, pixels, …)
IPTC IPTC metadata fields
EXIF Image information from EXIF records
XMP XMP metadata fields as well as custom XMP fields
ICC ICC profile names that are included within images
Text Regular text files (ASCII, Unicode, etc.)
Word Word files (old and new formats)
Excel Excel files (old and new formats)
PowerPoint PowerPoint files (old and new formats)
PDF PDF metadata and form fields
PDF-Text PDF full-text extraction via PDF HandShake add-on
Xpress/InDesign Full-text extraction via ImageServer add-on (XPV files)
Media wav, mp3, avi file metadata

3. Meet with HELIOS at Expográfica 2011 in Mexico City
From May 17 - 20, HELIOS will demonstrate its Fogra certified WebShare remote soft proofing, at Expográfica 2011, booth 1102. The event takes place in Mexico City, Mexico. This will be a great opportunity for customers and prospects in the region to meet with HELIOS and learn about our solutions. Visitors will also be able to preview the new UB2 product versions, including the new Spotlight compatible indexing and searching feature, which allows quick finds of server files from Mac, Windows, and Web clients by searching for metadata and text content. We hope to see you there!

4. HELIOS UB2 public preview2 version is available
HELIOS UB2 preview2 is now ready for testing by HELIOS partners and customers.

The download is available at:
User: heliosub2beta
Password: heliosub2beta

Please read the release notes file “releaseUB2-e.pdf” first because it includes very important product information and detailed feature changes. This HELIOS UB2 preview version is fully supported and should work perfectly. We even feel that this preview is more robust and offers higher compatibility than the currently shipping UB+ CD024 release.

The main goal was to preserve full compatibility to allow easy upgrades of existing sites. The new features focus on introducing newer protocol features, tuning the software for additional performance gains, and making it even more reliable. Additional capabilities like Spotlight searching and remote proofing support will make the products even more productive for many clients.

We encourage you to test this late preview,
  • to test in advance, so you can deploy the new version as soon as it is released

  • to request features and provide other input.
The preview2 version times out on September 1, 2011, to allow sufficient time for testing.

We look forward to your feedback.
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