IT Monitor Server G8 User manual (Version 2.0.0)  

2 An introduction to IT Monitor Server

HELIOS IT Monitor Server continuously observes the network, CPU, disk, memory, and swapping utilization on the server. It monitors system messages, and local and remote services, such as file servers, printers, and web servers, within a specified interval. All this information goes into an integrated database. Upon request, it reports this information to a remote admin who can view these easy to use charts, system messages, and services status on an iPhone1. Failing services, server overload and messages with alarm conditions are sent via push notification to one or more admins, on their iPhone as well as by regular email. This means admins get proactively notified in case of problems or when reaching server utilization limits. The entire user interface works on the iPhone, to ensure that status reports can easily be viewed. Server utilization is presented via intelligible charts within a specified time range. The iPhone should always be on standby to inform admins when needed.


HELIOS IT Monitor Server runs on top of the foundation provided by HELIOS Base. Please read the HELIOS Base manual for installation instructions and other important details.

For HELIOS Base, the foundation used by all HELIOS products, see the HELIOS Base product web page: Go to Products > Base

2.1 Product description

Unique advantages of IT Monitor Server

Basically, the server monitors the entire IT infrastructure and reports it to the iPhone. The entire user interface is available on the iPhone which makes it very easy to use. It monitors server utilization and available services on multiple servers (Windows, OS X, Linux, and Solaris) as well as all major network services. Via the iOS exclusive push notification, IT Monitor Server alerts one or more admins on their iPhone when alarms are triggered, and the details can be viewed immediately. It offers an unlimited number of services to monitor and it is licensed for one or multiple server environments.

IT Monitor Server benefits for customers in a nutshell

2.2 Installation

2.2.1 System requirements

Host system:

A detailed list of supported platforms and operating systems can be found on the HELIOS website (

iOS client:

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