HELIOS Base G8 User manual (Version 5.0.0)  

2 Using the manual

Note that besides this manual our update information and Tech Info files are also part of the documentation. They may contain details about our products that have not yet made it into the manual. So, make it a habit to read the update info texts whenever you install updates, and to read the Tech Info files regularly. For that purpose, check the support section on our website: www.helios.de/support.

For detailed information on all our products, check the “manuals” directory on the HELIOS CD and the “Documentation” folder in the “HELIOS Applications” volume. They contain all HELIOS product user manuals as PDF. They are also available as HTML on our website: www.helios.de/manuals.

2.1 Font and syntax conventions

Some font and syntax conventions are used in this manual. Their meanings and uses are explained below.

The italics style is used for words of particular importance.

The Courier font indicates text that appears on your monitor when you are working on a host platform and is used for host commands you have to enter. In addition, it indicates options and menu entries in the user front end, e.g. in HELIOS Admin.

Cross-references to sub-headlines appear in this font. The arrow (hsymInstruction) in the left margin characterizes direct instructions to the user.


Notes give details that might be useful as additional information. They may also contain a reference to other chapters where additional information can be found.


These paragraphs should be read carefully! They are intended to help you avoid problems and save time.

The term host includes all computers with an operating system version that is currently supported by HELIOS (see the system requirements in 4.1 “Software installation”, or our “First Steps” PDF document).

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