HELIOS Base G8 User manual (Version 5.0.0)  

3 An introduction to HELIOS Base

HELIOS Base builds the platform for all HELIOS products. It is indispensable because it contains libraries, installer programs, etc., without which no other HELIOS product would work stand-alone.

HELIOS Base services

HELIOS Base is comprised of the HELIOS LPR printing system, printer drivers, HELIOS Installer, Unicode support, ICC profiles, utilities, libraries, the “license” program (which lets you enter software licenses for all HELIOS products), the HELIOS Service Controller, HELIOS Update Installer, mDNS server, Administration server, and HELIOS tools (“start-helios”, “stop-helios”).

3.1 New Base features

For new features in the HELIOS Base software see the HELIOS website:
www.helios.de Go to HELIOS Product Versions – New Features

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