PrintPreview G8 User manual (Version 6.0.0)  

1 About the chapters of this manual

In the following, we give a brief summary of each chapter in this manual. These summaries will help you find the information you are looking for.

Chapter 2 “An introduction to HELIOS PrintPreview” gives background information about the product.

Chapter 3 “Proofing via WebShare” describes remote soft proofing on a monitor and print proofing, via HELIOS WebShare.

Chapter 4 “Proofing PostScript print jobs” gives directions for choosing PrintPreview settings with the HELIOS Admin program on a client computer. The chapter also describes the handling of preview files and analyzes possible workflows.

Chapter 5 “Preferences” lists the most important preferences and explains what they effect when set.

Chapter 6 “Troubleshooting” explains – and solves – the problems that can arise while using the software or if applications do not smoothly cooperate with PrintPreview or if wrong Admin settings produce an unexpected result.

Appendix A “How applications cooperate with PrintPreview” lists the applications we have tested with PrintPreview and describes known restrictions and workarounds.

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