HELIOS EtherShare 2.6 User manual

16 The Time Server
With the "EtherShare Client Installer" that is described in chapter 4.6 you can add the "Time Server" option to your Chooser as shown in figure 158 below. You can then select a specific server, press the Set Time button in the Chooser dialog and thus make sure that the time on your Macintosh client is always synchronized to the time on the server you have chosen. If the time of your Macintosh goes wrong by one hour, you have to open the Date & Time control panel and check whether Daylight Savings Time has been set up correctly.
Fig. 158: Selecting a time server for time adjustment

After the Time Server has been selected, the local Macintosh time will be set according to the server time whenever you boot your Macintosh.

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