PDF HandShake UB64 User manual (Version 5.0.0)  

9 PDF preflighting

9.1 PDF preflighting with “pdfToolbox”

PDF HandShake includes the callas “pdfToolbox”, a powerful solution for analyzing and preflighting PDF files to ensure that incoming and outgoing PDF files are production compatible. About 800 PDF characteristics are checked, and the results can be displayed in different file formats. Locations in the document that could cause problems are visualized in isolated areas or listed as a text or XML report for automated evaluation. If required, the reports can also be saved as a PDF or HTML file.

The pdfToolbox documentation “callas pdfEngine Reference.pdf” and “callas pdfToolbox CLI.pdf” can be found in the “Documentation” folder in the “HELIOS Applications” volume.

9.1.1 Included sample scripts

We provide the following sample scripts for the HELIOS PDF preflighting functionality:


PDF preflight action script to be applied via a Create PDF Server printer queue. See 8 “Create PDF Server”.


PDF preflight script to utilize via an ImageServer Script Server hot folder. The preflight profile (“*.kfp” or “*.kfpx”) to be used can be specified via HELIOS Admin in the Script Server Environment settings for that hot folder. See the “HELIOS Script Server” chapter in the ImageServer user manual.


WebShare action script to preflight a PDF document, using callas software’s “pdfToolbox”. See the chapter “WebShare Scripts” in the HELIOS WebShare user manual.

9.1.2 Troubleshooting

Error    1008    Invalid Keycode

This error message is issued if actions are not covered by the pdfToolbox license which is used with the HELIOS software, e.g. if a proof profile that contains so-called “fixups” was used.

Windows only!
Activation context generation failed

This error message is issued if the “Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package” is required. You can download it from www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29.

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