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Welcome to EtherShare 2.6
Thank you for purchasing HELIOS EtherShare 2.6.
The idea
behind it
HELIOS EtherShare is a powerful networking software for UNIX-based servers and Apple Macintosh clients. It is reliable, flexible, and easy to administer. It offers AppleTalk implementation with routing support, automatic AppleTalk configuration, and an Admin Macintosh tool that allows e.g. "Users", "Groups", "Volumes", and "Printers" administration from a Macintosh. The program includes all you need for successful networking, for example an AppleShare File Server, a Print Server, a Font Server for all printers, a Time Server, multiple servers support, and printer queue and server accounting. EtherShare is extremely fast with AppleShare IP acceleration.
The program includes the "dt" utilities which mimic the functionality of some major UNIX commands for handling files, while maintaining the integrity of the desktop database. Furthermore, the software comprises and automatically installs HELIOS Terminal (a vt320 terminal emulation for Macintosh clients) and HELIOS Mail (a UNIX mail tool for Macintosh clients).
EtherShare 2.6 perfectly supports PCShare 2.5 or later, the HELIOS software product for UNIX-Windows networks, and it forms the basis for the powerful HELIOS expansions EtherShare OPI 2.1, PDF Handshake, and Print Preview.
Course of
Our EtherShare 2.6 follows EtherShare 2.5. The new program version comes with a large number of improvements. Details are given in chapter 3.6 "New features of program version 2.6".

Note: If you need information about a certain update or update level, please check the distribution CD-ROM or the HELIOS Web site: www.helios.de

Contents of the software
Your EtherShare 2.6 software package includes an ISO 9660 CD-ROM, a software manual, and an "Activation Key Request" form that serves to request the individual key (kind of password) you need to license and run the software.
Your individual EtherShare 2.6 software activation key has to be entered during the server installation process. Without the activation key, you cannot start the software. The generation of your key is based on the serial number of your EtherShare copy, on the machine ID of your server, and on the number of users you have purchased the software for.
Keep in mind that - in case you buy several EtherShare licenses - you should make a long-term decision about which license you want to use on which server machine and about which license you want to use as base product for expansions you intend to install (like user expansions, PDF Handshake, or EtherShare OPI). These expansions always remain bound to the original EtherShare base product.
What you have to do
We enclose with our software package an "Activation Key Request" form that has to be used for obtaining the key.

The form already contains your 8-digit EtherShare serial number. You have to add your ("Enduser") name and address, and the machine ID of your server.

The machine ID consists of "8-2" digits. The last two characters serve to identify the make of the machine. We have implemented in our product installer a program that displays the machine ID automatically. So, to find out your server's machine ID, you have to proceed as follows:

Mount our distribution CD-ROM and follow the instructions given in the accompanying booklet to open the "Networking Products Installer CD-ROM" menu that is shown in figure 0-1. Note that the commands that are required to open the menu are different on different platforms. That is why we have listed all of them in the CD's booklet. After writing down the machine ID, quit the menu again by entering the number of the "Quit" item (here: 8) and pressing RETURN.
Fig. 0-1: Finding out the server's machine ID

Fax or mail the "Activation Key Request" form to HELIOS Software GmbH, Steinriede 3, 30827 Garbsen, Germany, Fax: +49-5131-70 93 25.

Please note that
What you will get in return
On receipt of your request form we will generate your individual activation key and then send you an "Activation Key Reply" summarizing the data that are required for software licensing, namely:
Figure 0-2 shows an example of an "Activation Key Reply" form.
Fig. 0-2: Example of an "Activation Key Reply"
Activation Key Reply
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