HELIOS Newsletter 04/2020

1. World of HELIOS: Arm CPU performance on the fast lane
2. HELIOS G8 – final release is available
3. WebShare G8 – web portal with slideshow

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1. World of HELIOS: Arm CPU performance on the fast lane

You may know that Arm CPUs are being used everywhere: in smartphones, Bluetooth accessories, IoT devices, etc. Most users already use 50+ of these Arm CPUs somewhere in devices and gadgets.

Now the Arm CPUs make their way into desktops and servers. We do a lot of testing with our HELIOS G8 software on Arm based CPUs and I can share with you that the performance keeps up with Intel i9 CPUs, in some testing disciplines even a little bit faster.

So technology moves on, and more competition brings better CPU performance. Interesting times lie ahead of us as software engineers and users benefit from it.

Enjoy the news.

Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH

2. HELIOS G8 – final release is available

We are proud to announce that our new HELIOS G8 product generation, shortly named G8, is available now. After many years of development and months of testing we are confident that the new G8 release represents a mature fileserver solution for businesses of any scale.

The new G8 release is available for customers and partners within the HELIOS Symphony portal. Prospects are welcome to contact our HELIOS partners for test drives and product presentations.

The new capabilities of the G8 release are documented on the HELIOS Product Versions – New Features section on the HELIOS website. The changes can be summarized:

We look forward to smooth G8 installations/upgrades and getting used to the new capabilities.

3. WebShare G8 – web portal with slideshow

A list of images and/or PDF documents can be opened in a slideshow for full screen presentation with precise colors and high-resolution display support. This allows server files of any size and even the most complex PDF documents to be easily viewed in a web browser, whether as an automatically running slideshow, a presentation using a standard web browser, or as remote users viewing images and documents via the slideshow.

While viewing a page, the server will precisely render the next pages in advance, which allows for smooth navigation within the presentation pages. This goes well beyond the file browsing, gallery mode and document previews – the new slideshow capabilities are unique and we are confident users will love it.

Contact us with any questions or feedback, to arrange a personal consultation or to find a sales partner in your region: www.helios.de/contact.html

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