1. World of HELIOS: The hell of cloud dependence
2. Universal File Server UB64 is compatible with macOS Catalina
HELIOS Newsletter 03/2019
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1. World of HELIOS: The hell of cloud dependence
Cloud services enjoy great popularity among users, most PC programs require an Internet connection to the manufacturer before they can get started, mobile apps require a connection to the App Store, and data is stored on external servers, e.g. Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox.

Messages such as:
  • Adobe deactivates all user accounts in Venezuela (rental products no longer usable)
  • ARM processors no longer available for Huawei
  • Apple blocks popular Hong Kong app used by protesters
  • Autodesk changes user license for Fusion 360 retroactively
  • Google stops Android support for cellphone manufacturers
  • Smart Home startup files for bankruptcy – door opener no longer works
All this can only mean one thing: we have to become independent from the cloud providers again! There is a term for this – Unclouding.

Be it private users or companies, it's about time to take action and design your own IT structures independent of the big cloud solutions. This can be realized with our Universal File Server solution with integrated WebShare portal. Everything is completely in the hands and responsibility of the customer. External access via web portal and mobile app. Server, software and data – everything is under the control of the customer without any cloud dependence.

PS: for our HELIOS products, it is out of question that customers can operate our solutions independently. There is no remote cutoff by the manufacturer and there never will be.

Think about it for a minute.

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Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH

2. Universal File Server UB64 is compatible with macOS Catalina
With immediate effect, Apple environments can integrate Mac clients running Catalina because all HELIOS services are completely compatible with existing HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 environments.

HELIOS UB64 offers complete 64 bit support which is required for macOS Catalina. We have intensively tested services such as Mac file server access via AFP, Spotlight search, print services, HELIOS Admin, and WebShare access. Everything works fine!

PS: the Catalina beta version had several problems, which we reported to Apple. These are fixed in the final version. We did our homework well so that Mac users can easily use Catalina with the HELIOS services.

Tech Info 187 incorporates all notes on “macOS Catalina client compatibility”.
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