HELIOS Newsletter 02/2021

1. World of HELIOS: home automation on an Intel NUC
2. HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 3 volume snapshots

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1. World of HELIOS: home automation on an Intel NUC

Home automation deployment follows what is currently used in server environments. Often Linux is the first choice on a Raspberry PI or little PC-based servers, using services like an MQTT broker using Mosquitto, Home Assistant, sensor data visualization with Grafana and InfluxDB.

In my basement, I run an Intel NUC mini server with VMware ESX, some Windows VMs, our Virtual Server Appliance 3 with automatic snapshots, and the MQTT broker solution.

Yes, software developers need to eat their own dog food. We at HELIOS deploy all our internal servers using the Virtual Server Appliance running HELIOS G8. And yes, I even use it myself at home.

Enjoy the news.

Happy Easter!

Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH

2. HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 3 volume snapshots

The majority of server installations are deployed in virtual server environments under VMware or Hyper-V. HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 3 offers a plug & play VM which allows customers to get started immediately without having to worry about installing the operating system and HELIOS software. Being able to deploy a solution as a VM within a few minutes fits perfectly into the VM concept.

The HELIOS G8 based Virtual Server Appliance 3 includes automatic volume snapshots of the last 24 hours, the last seven days, the last four weeks, and the last 12 months. This makes access to accidentally deleted files or older versions, or even entire volume restores, a child’s play.

This is truly a giant step forward which brings a whole new level of security and flexibility to server environments.

We did a short video explaining the automatic volume snapshots:

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