1. World of HELIOS: Goodbye, Google+ …
2. Major new version (2.0) of IT Monitor app for iOS released
3. Mobile connectivity status update
HELIOS Newsletter 01/2019
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1. World of HELIOS: Goodbye, Google+ …
After social networks such as Facebook or Twitter had gained great popularity, Google launched “Google+”, its contribution to social networking, in June 2011. These days, they announced that Google+ will be shut down for consumers due to low user engagement and a software error.

Personally, I was quite happy with Google+ because it was great for professionals, had no advertisements and was fully integrated into the Google ecosystem. However without a sufficient user base, I can understand their decision to shut it down for public users.

My most important Google+ articles have been migrated to the HELIOS website (“Blog Posts”). I continue my communication be it face to face, by phone, via email, or via the HELIOS newsletters.

Enjoy this newsletter,

Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH

2. Major new version (2.0) of IT Monitor app for iOS released
We have just released the new version of the IT Monitor app for iOS. It supports the latest iOS versions and devices and comes with a new user interface with great user experience.

The concept of HELIOS IT Monitor Server is pro-active notification by monitoring servers and services in a graphical chart to detect impending problems early and to observe server performance. Be it an overload problem, a failing service or a critical system message – admins are immediately notified by iPhone push notification and e-mail. Important aspects such as CPU, network, or memory utilization can be used to identify bottlenecks or just to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The pro-active notification allows fixing problems in advance before serious trouble develops. IT Monitor Server 2.0 requires the latest HELIOS updates to be installed.

3. Mobile connectivity status update
Our mobile connectivity solution HELIOS Document Hub has been updated to support mobile clients up to iOS 12 and Android 9. Extensive testing has shown that Document Hub runs smoothly and reliably on these latest operating system versions.

HELIOS Document Hub allows mobile devices to access intranet file server volumes to present and use server documents online and offline. Built-in file synchronization ensures that server files are automatically updated on mobile devices. Enterprise file server security is enforced for online and offline use. The solution is perfect for multi-user business environments of any scale.

HELIOS WebShare is the underlying server infrastructure to make defined file server data securely available to Document Hub users. Intranet users use native file server volumes to access the data, remote WebShare users can use a web browser for access, and Document Hub users have native app access.
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