1. World of HELIOS: Spotlight search performance
2. HELIOS earns new FograCert soft proof certifications
3. Fogra's Color Management Symposium
4. HELIOS UB2 supports server virtualization using VMware ESXi 5
HELIOS Newsletter 1/2012
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1. World of HELIOS: Spotlight search performance
In a meeting with a customer last week, we discussed HELIOS UB2 Spotlight searches of full text and metadata in server files. I explained that our searches are always quick, with search results usually displayed immediately within the Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, WebShare or “dt” command line. At the customer’s installation they use a 16 TB storage system where searches took about 30 seconds; repeating the search yielded immediate results. We traced the search and figured out that the index server responds immediately – however verifying the resulting files took 30 seconds. The delay was due because the disk cannot seek as fast as we find results. The second search was without delay because all accessed file entries had just been cached by the operating system.

With today’s large terabyte storage systems, we have to remember that the disk seeking performance has not changed much over the last two decades, it is still about several milliseconds long. A RAID will stripe data with excellent sequential performance. However, for random reads, the RAID seeking performance will be slower because it has to wait for all disks in a RAID group to finish.

Let’s compare options. Say the initial Spotlight search might be 1-30 seconds. Looking at alternatives, a UNIX ‘find’ would take many hours to find the same results. Searching using non-Spotlight connections, e.g. via SMB connected volumes from a Mac, would take days. So the Spotlight search introduced in HELIOS UB2 is orders of magnitude faster.

2. HELIOS earns new FograCert soft proof certifications
The WebShare + PrintPreview UB2 proofing solution received three new certifications for soft proofing using the Eizo CG245W and CG275W proof monitors. The distinctive feature of these proofing monitors is that they include a built-in measurement device within the monitor, so third-party calibration devices are not required. The CG245 has also been certified using the X-Rite i1-Pro measurement device. More information about the FograCert softproofing system is available at: http://www.fogra.org/en/fogra-fogracert-en/prepress/softproof-/softproofing-system/softproofing-system.html. More details on the HELIOS softproof solution can be found on www.helios.de. A HELIOS softproof and annotations intro video is available at www.helios.de/videos.

Table: Overview of the Softproofing components (combinations, later refered as “combis”) to be certified

3. Fogra's Color Management Symposium
About 250 visitors attended the recent Fogra Color Management Symposium in Munich, Germany. Very interesting presentations covered many diverse topics about color management. In particular, there are two interesting topics we would like to share with you.

1) Optical brighteners used in printing papers lead to different appearances depending on the amount of UV light included in the viewing and measuring condition. Sunlight includes UV light, however most existing light booths must be upgraded to include the new standard for UV light. The same is true for most color measurement devices which may not include the proper amount of UV light for measuring color.

2) Tele-measuring for the softproof means instead of measuring the monitor color directly on the display panel or the printing color directly on the paper, the color is measured from a short distance, to include the viewing light environment. This is how the FograCert Softproof certification is performed. New measurement devices will allow Tele-measuring which will lead to more accurate results. Watch for the next HELIOS Newsletter for advice on how to achieve perfectly matching softproofs.

4. HELIOS UB2 supports server virtualization using VMware ESXi 5
In addition to existing support for ESX Server 3 and 4, HELIOS UB2 supports VMware ESXi 5. This completes the server virtualization support. All major server virtualization vendors – Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX Server, Linux Xen and Citrix XenServer – are fully supported. HELIOS solutions support Linux, Windows and Solaris as the guest operating system on top of the VM server solutions. The HELIOS MachID is supplied via a virtual machine ID (without a USB dongle) which means it supports VM high availably and load balancing. We know that many customers are deploying virtual servers – doing so with HELIOS UB2 is fully supported.
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