1. World of HELIOS: iOS and Android draining developer resources
  2. New HELIOS Admin background desktop rebuilds, improved efficiency
  3. HELIOS Document Hub certified for iOS 10
  4. Meet HELIOS at MacTech Pro Conference 2016
HELIOS Newsletter 10/2016

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Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO & President
1. World of HELIOS: iOS and Android draining developer resources
Now after we have completed a few mobile apps, especially our file server document sharing solution HELIOS Document Hub, which has been available for some time on iOS and now on Android (preview), we have sufficient experience with iOS and Android development. As a result, I can share that Document Hub offers exactly the same features, ease of use, and performance on both platforms: iOS and Android.

The main disadvantage for developers is that native app development (not the limited HTML apps!) needs to be programmed from scratch using Objective-C or Swift with Apple libraries on iOS, and in Java using Android APIs as well as standard Java APIs on Android. This basically means that if an app requires 3 man years of development, it is required to plan development resources twice (6 man years), to serve iOS and Android clients. It is disappointing that this development needs to be done twice, often with different engineers specialized in iOS or Android.

Compare that to standard programming languages and libraries, lets say C/C++ on Mac and Windows, where more than 90% of the code can be shared between the platforms. Examples are Acrobat, MS Office, and RagTime which are all cross-platform and offer identical features and native look & feel.

Hopefully at some point in time the vendors will standardize on a common programming language, e.g. Swift, and standard foundation libraries, to allow developers to focus on their solutions and not program the same logic again for a second platform.

Everyone is welcome to discuss this further on my Google+ page.

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Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH
Google+: www.helios.de/helmut

2. New HELIOS Admin background desktop rebuilds, improved efficiency
The new HELIOS Admin makes the “Rebuild Desktop” and “Rebuild Spotlight Index” options much more convenient. These “rebuild” options now run in the background without blocking, which means that once one or more rebuilds have been initiated, other administrative procedures can be performed in HELIOS Admin without waiting for the rebuilds to complete. Additional enhancements to “indexsrv” make Spotlight indexing of file text content and metadata more efficient. Updates to “rebuild” improve its efficiency as well.

For complete details, see updates u1160, and u1164-u1166 on the HELIOS Updates web page. Updates can easily be installed as described in the Base UB64 manual, and as demonstrated in the video “HELIOS Update Installer – 4 easy steps”.

3. HELIOS Document Hub certified for iOS 10
As Apple updates their products, HELIOS tests their beta and final releases to verify that our solutions remain fully compatible. We are happy to report that Document Hub works perfectly on iOS 10, with no update needed. Document Hub is a free download from the Apple App Store, that allows iPad and iPhone users to securely access WebShare sharepoints, to browse, view, upload, download, search, and sync documents on their company server. The Document Hub web page and videos provide an overview. Document Hub is easy to test, even without setting up your own WebShare server. Simply download Document Hub from the App Store (search for “HELIOS Document Hub”). A test server with sample data is already pre-configured.

4. Meet HELIOS at MacTech Pro Conference 2016
The deployment of Mac computers and mobile devices continues to expand in corporate environments. For example, IBM has over 90,000 Macs deployed, and is working with Apple to help customers develop enterprise apps for iPhone and iPad. System administrators need to smoothly integrate and support these devices and users.

The upcoming MacTech Conference 2016 (Nov 16-18, 2016 Los Angeles, CA, USA), is a technical conference where Apple IT pros, enterprise sys admins, techs, and consultants meet to network, and learn about a range of Mac IT topics. Meet with HELIOS at this conference to see how HELIOS Universal File Server, Document Hub, and Script Server can make cross-platform file sharing and syncing, along with Spotlight search, and workflow automation, easy to deploy and support.

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