1. World of HELIOS: Google's quantum computer
2. HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance
3. License-free Java runtime in preparation
HELIOS Newsletter 04/2019
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Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO & President
1. World of HELIOS: Google's quantum computer
Google has developed a computer that can solve complex arithmetic problems in about three minutes. So far, it took ten thousand years to do so! Security-related algorithms, which were previously impossible to calculate because it would have taken too much time, now belong to the past. As a consequence, many IT security algorithms in IT need to be investigated.

I find the topic very exciting, as more computing power opens up completely new possibilities in the IT world. What's also surprising is that established processor technology companies such as Intel, ARM, and IBM are not leading here, but a previously unknown group at Google.

So the IT world remains exciting.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year 2020.

Enjoy the news.

Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH

2. HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance
The majority of the server installations are deployed in virtual server environments under VMware or Hyper-V. Here, running operating systems such as Linux, Solaris or Windows in a VM. Network connections and hard disk storage/SSDs can also be flexibly configured in the VM solutions.

HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 2.0 offers a Plug & Play VM that allows customers to get started immediately without having to worry about installing the operating system and HELIOS software. Being able to deploy a solution as a VM within a few minutes fits perfectly into the VM concept.

For the upcoming version, the entire storage management of the HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance has been re-invented. Using a modern Linux with the Btrfs file system, we offer automatic backup copies of all server volumes. This makes access to accidentally deleted files or older versions a breeze. This brings a whole new level of security and flexibility to server environments.

We are intensively testing and documenting and can hardly wait to offer these possibilities to our customers. You will hear from us next year.

3. License-free Java runtime in preparation
Unfortunately Oracle changed the license terms of the Java runtime this year, so that a free version of the Java runtime (without support) is no longer available. The Oracle license costs for simple desktop or server solutions are unreasonably high, so we are working on a solution.

If you have the old Oracle Java Installer with the old license terms, you can continue to install and use it free of charge. Of course, many customers wish to install the latest Oracle updates (even if they are not required by HELIOS), but this is only possible under the new Oracle license terms, which are subject to fees.

All HELIOS server services and client programs will be migrated to OpenJDK, so that there is no need to pay Oracle for Java. In the future, Java will already be integrated into the HELIOS installation or programs. This means that customers no longer need to install any additional software, which makes installation much easier and solves the licensing problem.

We are working on this migration for future versions of our products.
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