1. World of HELIOS: post-Corona time
2. HELIOS G8 on its way – preview available
3. Easily set up remote collaboration
4. macOS file access rights in own user folder
HELIOS Newsletter 01/2020
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Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO & President
1. World of HELIOS: post-Corona time
We hope that everyone is healthy and look forward to a post-Corona time – or at least getting the uncertainty managed. We are happy to announce that the next generation of the HELIOS products, named HELIOS G8, is on its way. In the past we had 4th Gen, UB/UB+, UB2, UB64, and now it’s G8. Our public preview of the HELIOS G8 release is available now.

HELIOS G8 will not contain the awaited SMB2/3 support, our plan is to release G8 now and deliver SMB2/3 support at a later timeframe.

Customers and partners are keen to get their hands on the new HELIOS G8 product family. We have great news with the G8 release, and look forward to a successful testing period and to a final release.

We wish everyone to get well through this difficult time and stay healthy.

Enjoy the news.

Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH

2. HELIOS G8 on its way – preview available
We are proud to announce our upcoming HELIOS G8 product generation, shortly named G8, which is available for preview testing. G8 basically represents a strong continuation of the HELIOS product family. The changes can be summarized:
  • New operating system support – stay on top of current server and client OS’s
  • New productivity support – boosts collaboration and production quality
  • New virtualization support – a server VM with continuous data protection
The easiest way to test drive is to start the new Virtual Server Appliance (VSA) 3 VM and get used to G8. The new VSA 3 comes with a continuous data protection, which means creating automatic snapshots every hour/day/week/month without the need to configure anything – getting access to previous data via regular HELIOS volumes or switching the entire server back in time. This kind of operational storage security used to be very complex and expensive in the past. With G8, this is a child’s play, without extra costs.

G8 test drives can also be installed on top of any Linux, Solaris, Mac or Windows system. As usual, a complete installer media is available for all platforms.

Here you can find what’s new in G8 for each product: In addition, you will find a Q & A section which will regularly be updated with additional questions/answers in the “New Features in Base G8” description.

The G8 preview release is targeted to test drive features and to verify compatibility. It is not qualified for final production, although we are getting close to a final G8 version. HELIOS customers and partners can download the G8 release in their HELIOS Symphony “Media Library”, prospects are welcome to contact the HELIOS partner in their region.

We look forward to a successful preview period and to a final G8 product release.

3. Easily set up remote collaboration
Today, remote collaboration is even more important for integrating customers and employees into production environments. HELIOS server solutions offer a variety of options for easy and secure collaboration. These include:

HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance – Universal File Server Solution for Mac, Windows, Web and Mobile Clients
A turnkey HELIOS VM with all HELIOS products installed is ready in minutes and can be deployed on site or at an Internet provider.

HELIOS WebShare – Web Portal for Secure Access to Company File Server
HELIOS WebShare enables fast and secure real time remote file access via any web browser. Authorized users can easily access your file server wherever they are, without exposing the server to the Internet. Perfect for customers and employees working remotely.

HELIOS Document Hub for iOS and Android – Access to Intranet Server Volumes
Browse, find and get all needed files on the smartphone within seconds. True secure multi-user access to server volumes. Perfect for customers and employees accessing server files on their mobile phone.

HELIOS Universal File Server – Mac and Windows volumes accessible over the Internet
Intranet file servers can be made available via Internet for remote employees. Built-in IP access lists ensure that only volumes with remote permissions are available. The quick solution to get employees working from home with full volume access.

HELIOS WebShare Manager – Drag and Drop Synchronization for Files and Folders
WebShare Manager allows automatically synchronizing files and folders between a WebShare file server and remote workstations. Transfer files easily via “drag & drop” between web browser and desktop. Perfect collaboration for employees working remotely.

Each product section on our website provides several videos presenting the corresponding solution. These are available in the “Media” tab.

Any business can collaborate remotely. HELIOS and its partners would like to help everyone to get this implemented.

4. macOS file access rights in own user folder
Here's a tip for Mac users: since macOS 10.14 it is no longer possible to completely access the home folder, not even via the Terminal. This is pretty annoying, because even the command input

$ du -ks *

in the Terminal does not help here, because many folders abort with the error message "Operation not permitted".
However, there is a workaround: The “Terminal” program can be dragged into the system preferences “Privacy” tab (“Full Disk Access”). After restarting the Terminal program you are again in command of your own files.

This is especially helpful, because endless amounts of data can accumulate in the browsing history, MobileSync, mail, etc., which is not noticeable without the complete access.
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